Greetings Audio Fans I'm back HAHAHAHA!

2012-11-30 15:30:07 by Stormtali

Sorry For The Long Absence In Audio Submissions But I Was Pretty busy checking stuff and forgot all about the audio submissions I was on hiatus status on audio submissions so now I'm back with a new remix from a competition I Entered though I Probably never won but Go Ahead Check Out The Reaper Mix I Did For Chronex The Reaper Remix Competition @
also if you want follow me on Soundcloud and Youtube within Link Description on my contact info

oh And Keep An Eye Out For The Next Death Battle.... Goku Vs Superman

If They Release It Let Me Know Because Everyone Including Myself has been waiting for this for 5 Years


I Finished the Fan Death battle Idea @ -Ichigo-Kurosaki-Vs-Naruto-Uzumaki-340656568

Greetings Audio Fans I'm back HAHAHAHA!


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