Been Awhile Now Back With New Items for revealing

2013-05-25 08:32:16 by Stormtali

Srry bout the timely delay but I Have Had A Chance To Update my NG in a while so here is some new things

1. I Played BRS The Game and Beat The Normal Story and working on extra stuff and Also Trying to Get Her in PSASBR
Along Side Shadow The Hedgehog

the Art for this is @ IME-LINE-UP-Vision-1-BRS-And-Shadow-368511816

which includes a petition link within the description of the artwork

2. Working On 3 Main Projects From My New Founded CO. called Stormtali Productions still in getting proper tools and this new CO. Is My Music Label When I Get Back Into Making Music Alongside a New DJ Partner/Friend Of Mine Fallenfreak16 Aka Cherish who lives far away though when we start dating/being together more music production will be coming back in full force

3. I Have A New Slender Project I Wrote Into Storyline Format and I'm Going To Turn It Into A Game eventually

the storyline link is @

4. I Have Both A Twitter And A Tumblr Account That I'll Be Adding to my contact info very soon which should be up now

5. I Have a Special Fighting Game Project In The Works Which is inspired by the 2 epic fighting crossover games Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Super Smash Bros Brawl.... this fighting game is called Ultimate Anime Heroes Ultra Rumble Which Features Anime, Games, Creepypastas or anything that was in one of the 2 fighting games inspired for this before

6. And The Ultimate Project.... Wretches And Kings! Which Stillis In Storyline Writing Progression

Been  Awhile Now Back With New Items for revealing


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