New Stuff and School Collision

2013-09-11 21:16:43 by Stormtali

Reason for this is that I may or may not upload anything new due to school but Have 4 new reasons why....

1. I do have a new audio making program my step dad gave me and i'll try making some new stuff maybe even remix Some Slender The Arrival Tracks if I Can
2. I Am On Youtube and Here is a Couple vids that I'm Sharing on this post til then:

3. I am working on 2 new slender works one of them is a move based on a story I wrote and the other is a sequel to that their names are Shadelock "The Film" and Slender: Dark Redemption "The Video Game Sequel"

4. The Addition Thing In The Works is A Creepypasta Fighting Game That Me And Requiem Of Ice are working on

his deviantart page is @:

New Stuff and School Collision


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