Entry #50

300 Subscribers On Youtube HOLY CRAP!

2015-07-10 09:44:25 by Stormtali

Holy Heck I wasnt expecting that many but Hopefully I can gather more views on my other videos as well

If you want to Help the Channel Grow.... go here and subscribe ---> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWt_N02Sbz0O5r81FOYa1RA


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2015-07-10 10:57:03

Awesomee :D congrats!


2015-07-10 12:40:23

oh hell yeah! idk if you find it equally as upsetting as i do, but I've got the 301+ thing on my intro vid as well and it's taking forever to update ;_;

Stormtali responds:

I know the feeling but I am surprised I ont get a whole lot of views on my LPs Other Than the views for Death Battle & OMM Reacts well someday I will get more views