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Holy Heck I wasnt expecting that many but Hopefully I can gather more views on my other videos as well

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Well CPC is still in the works and Now I also have yet another project in the works its based on my Creepypasta Named The Reaper Rose: The Farrior Tapes... and its going to be a game which yes it will be a bit longer than the actual creepypasta... and now I am working on the main theme for this...

Which will take time to conjure up XD

And Requiem is back no longer as Crimson Nimbus...

Also I am waiting on my new Icon for some of my pages... like youtube & such...

and I uploaded a new lets play... soon there will be more alongside MMD Stuff since I upload random things on my channel in any order... anyway the vid is below this... so enjoy...



Hey Everyone Sorry I Have Not Been On here in a while but I been busy with a lot of things... One Is The Creepypasta Fan Comic Entitled Shadelock The Comic... the second and big project that will be on the Mugen Engine Which The Project is In Development but the only problem is we need a team to help us get the designs and gameplay stuff and such made... and If Anyone Knows Who is An Expert at Editing Mechanics Please Send Me or Requiem "Who is now known as CrimsonNimbus" a message plus we'll try to do a kickstarter for it if possible

thanks for your paitience and I will Release a Custom Track based on The Creepypasta OC of Mine aka Collin Farrior

so Stay Tuned

Also CrimsonNimbus deviantart is found here -->

Creepypasta Chaos and projects

2013-11-13 07:35:01 by Stormtali

Guess What! I am hard at work on a new fighting game project... Featuring A certain amount of guest characters fro certain seies and many Creepypasta monsters from any Creepypasta even the ones i wrote which so far there are2 sequences to Shadelock which you can check out @

plus I may feature tracks by NemesisTheory, Waterflame, & ParagonX9

This project i am also working on with Requiem of Ice on deviantart whose page is @

Creepypasta Chaos and projects

New Stuff and School Collision

2013-09-11 21:16:43 by Stormtali

Reason for this is that I may or may not upload anything new due to school but Have 4 new reasons why....

1. I do have a new audio making program my step dad gave me and i'll try making some new stuff maybe even remix Some Slender The Arrival Tracks if I Can
2. I Am On Youtube and Here is a Couple vids that I'm Sharing on this post til then:

3. I am working on 2 new slender works one of them is a move based on a story I wrote and the other is a sequel to that their names are Shadelock "The Film" and Slender: Dark Redemption "The Video Game Sequel"

4. The Addition Thing In The Works is A Creepypasta Fighting Game That Me And Requiem Of Ice are working on

his deviantart page is @:

New Stuff and School Collision

Srry bout the timely delay but I Have Had A Chance To Update my NG in a while so here is some new things

1. I Played BRS The Game and Beat The Normal Story and working on extra stuff and Also Trying to Get Her in PSASBR
Along Side Shadow The Hedgehog

the Art for this is @ IME-LINE-UP-Vision-1-BRS-And-Shadow-368511816

which includes a petition link within the description of the artwork

2. Working On 3 Main Projects From My New Founded CO. called Stormtali Productions still in getting proper tools and this new CO. Is My Music Label When I Get Back Into Making Music Alongside a New DJ Partner/Friend Of Mine Fallenfreak16 Aka Cherish who lives far away though when we start dating/being together more music production will be coming back in full force

3. I Have A New Slender Project I Wrote Into Storyline Format and I'm Going To Turn It Into A Game eventually

the storyline link is @

4. I Have Both A Twitter And A Tumblr Account That I'll Be Adding to my contact info very soon which should be up now

5. I Have a Special Fighting Game Project In The Works Which is inspired by the 2 epic fighting crossover games Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Super Smash Bros Brawl.... this fighting game is called Ultimate Anime Heroes Ultra Rumble Which Features Anime, Games, Creepypastas or anything that was in one of the 2 fighting games inspired for this before

6. And The Ultimate Project.... Wretches And Kings! Which Stillis In Storyline Writing Progression

Been  Awhile Now Back With New Items for revealing


2013-01-31 20:04:37 by Stormtali

Well I Did Forget to tell you I Had Assassin's Creed III Beat for a while now "Except the Part with the pivots and shit like that..."

But Also i Have Gravity Rush Cleared except for the side missions... but More Importantly.... I'm On Liberation where you play as Aveline de Grandpré

Hope I Beat That so i can get the first set of assassin creed titles like Assassin's Creed, Assassins Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations "Going By Console Sets before the actual Portable systems..."

Hope I Can Beat Assassin's Creed Liberation Soon

Especially Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and the first metroid Primes as well as Other M Which I'm Stuck On the Metroid Queen and That Thing is a Bitch to beat believe me who else was stuck on that part!

I Also Forgot to mention that my Bloodedge Song is still under the works for those who played blazblue you'll know what i'm talkin about


Upcoming Track And PSASBR DLCs...

2013-01-25 20:19:41 by Stormtali

First off I Have A New Track In The Works.... Its Called Bloodedge Based On Ragna I Just Need The Right Tools Such As The Music Making Device That Madeon Has to Make His Music and Add Ragna Voice Samples Alongside Game Announcer Samples and We're Good

Second: PSASBR DLCs Are continuing so here is some thing that might get these two things "Black Rock Shooter And Shadow The Hedgehog" in the game: a-superbot-entertainment-add-brs-and-shadow-the-
utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=url_share&u tm_campaign=url_share_after_sign

Got a PSASBR DLC IDEA Leave it in the comments below

Also Check Out The Poll For BRS Vs Shadow "Death Battle" : h-battle/question-3468921/

Upcoming Track And PSASBR DLCs...

Playstation All-Stars DLCs...

2012-12-27 13:47:57 by Stormtali

I Have The Game.... Well Who Else Has It besides me.... that question is unknown to be answered however I'm Hoping The DLCs For the game come out soon i can't wait for them

First Gravity Rush I Beat Now Prepared for Kat to apppear in the Game as well "Hopefully" as Black Rock Shooter...

So here is My User On PSN.... TWOSHOES50

so hope there are new characters for Playstation Allstars

Playstation All-Stars DLCs...

Got AN IDEA For Remixes Or Mash ups????

2012-12-24 11:48:46 by Stormtali

Tell It In The Comments... oh and No Pony Remixes Cuz I Hate Ponies "Y you may Ask.... well never liked them to begin with especially when Rainbow Dash Kicked Starscream's Ass In Death Battle"

Oh and Profile Pic will be Updated soon so hope my pc will allow it to update

which will mean..... Total epic Awesomeness